Autism 18 months later – age 6

So I didn’t do very well at keeping up regularly with this blog – oops! As they say “life gets in the way”. On a positive note, Autism in our house looks very different (& some same) than it did 18months ago. Missy has started school, completed first year prep/foundation/reception and is now in year … Continue reading

Hello again!

Hello readers & friends! I’m sorry it’s been so long since I last wrote on my blog, but I got side-tracked by life……mia, & my Uni studies. So I hope you have all been well & I will try to write more regularly again. One of the courses I am studying at Uni this semester … Continue reading

Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust

One of my daughter’s favourite sayings from the Tinkerbell movies, and thought it was a good way to explain how I feel sometimes about this journey we’re on. Whether faith is in God, Mother Earth, fate, or whatever you believe in, everyone believes in something, even if it’s just themselves & others around them. I find … Continue reading


I want to apologise to any readers that have started following my blog – I’m very new to this, have never blogged etc before, and somehow a few posts have gone missing along the way. I have learned from this, & will be writing them in word before posting from now on, but it serves … Continue reading


My daughter’s current obsession is Dinosaurs. We have figurines, books, encyclopaedias, movies, TV shows…. & this school holidays we have been very lucky & seen 2 “live” performances of Erth Dinosaurs. (They are a type of puppets but some of them are bigger than people & men walk around inside them Some people may … Continue reading

Obsessed with Autism?

My mother told me recently I was becoming obsessed with Autism, and not seeing my daughter as a whole…which would be to her detriment over time. That statement startled me for a while, and then I thought about it from an outsider’s perspective. I know that I am the kind of person who deals better … Continue reading

Are you Autism Aware?

I feel like on the first day of April which is Autism Awareness Month, I should post something….. Today I went to a picnic where we all wore something Blue – I didn’t have any blue clothes (besides jeans) so I wore my daughters blue wings & fairy headband set, & drew some little stars/coloured … Continue reading

That’s what friends are for…….

I’ve read several other blogs recently talking about how crucial support can be after receiving a diagnosis for a family member (also before & during diagnosis as this is a really challenging time for us all!). This support is not just for the child in the form of therapies, appointments & funding (which are very important), … Continue reading

The Journey to diagnosis…

Before my daughter was 2yrs old a childcare worker told me she was “not normal” and that I should take her somewhere to get her checked. As you can imagine, this was NOT the most positive way that this could have been addressed. I held my tongue & managed to collect my gorgeous girl and … Continue reading